FAQ - Bespoke Jewellery


What if I am not located in London?

If you are not located in the London (UK) area we can work with you remotely via phone, WhatsApp, email or skype. Many clients reach out to Hugo & Haan from outside of the UK. All rings can be shipped by a fully insured by courier to any location in Europe as well as internationally.

Are your services only for engagement rings?

No! We create bespoke jewellery of all kinds and can design anything for you. Although engagement rings are usually the starting point with most of our clients, many come back to us for help with birthday, anniversary, and Valentine’s Day gifts. We also love helping couples find wedding bands.

Isn’t it easier just to buy a diamond online?

We strongly advise against purchasing a diamond through an online retailer. Though the GIA grading system that determines a diamond’s quality and value is reliable, there are idiosyncrasies that make each stone respond visually in a different way than the numbers might suggest. This is part of the careful selection process Emi offers with our services so you are only presented with the most spectacular stones. Often it takes days or weeks to find the perfect diamond for a design and Emi is able to show you the diamond personally or through videos so you can see for yourself what you are purchasing.

How do you ship the bespoke engagement rings?

All bridal rings are sent by Fedex or specialist courier service Ferrari or Malca Amit depending on the value, shipping location and tax regulations. Shipping times usually are from 1 day to 4 days depending on your locations.

How do you calculate Tax or VAT on your pieces?

All orders shipped within the UK and EU are subject to the UK VAT (20%) which are usually already calculated in your bespoke jewellery quotation. If you live outside of the EU, we will not charge the UK VAT on your order, but you will be liable to pay the local tax and any added landing costs during shipping. We are happy to answer any questions for international orders, just contact us.

What is your pricing for bespoke pieces?

When it comes to pricing, we believe that transparency is paramount.

We take time to explain every quote in great detail so that you have a thorough understanding of the costs of each element of the design. We can work within any budget, except the lowest tier. To maintain the highest standards of quality and service, we typically do not produce pieces with a budget below £2,000. High street jewellers and online retailers can offer better value at that price point.

How do you do quotations for bespoke jewellery?

Once we assess your budget and design the ring, we’ll provide a detailed breakdown for the cost of gemstones, metals, engravings and other additional services as well as a technical drawing of what the finished piece will look like. This way, you can explore further options, such as how much it would cost to upgrade to platinum, or to choose between two stones that are similar in carat weight but different in colour, cut and clarity. We strive to paint a complete picture of everything that goes into the piece so there are no surprises.

How do I start the process?

Once you’re ready, you can browse our site for inspiration and then schedule a consultation or submit an enquiry here.

You’ll then be asked to share a little more on your ideas and requirements. You can speak with Emi via email, phone call, WhatsApp or Skype. Alternatively, you can schedule a personal consultation at a time suitable for you ( we do accommodate meetings out of hours whenever we can - we understand how challenging it can be to make time for a meeting during normal work hours). 

Can I see my diamond or gemstone before buying?

Yes, if your are based in London or able to meet Emi personally in London. Alternatively we can show you videos of the actual diamond or gemstone via WhatsApp or email.

What if I have more questions?

We are always happy to answer any other questions you might have. Send us an email to design@hugoandhaan.com or message us through our form here.