Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Providing a stunning and unique design option, our range of emerald cut engagement rings could offer the perfect option for you and your partner. For anyone seeking an artistically personalised ring option to mark their engagement, the selection of emerald engagement rings we design and produce here at Hugo & Haan could be the ideal fit for such a memorable occasion.
Having spent a number of years working with a vast range of clients around the world, we have developed an expertise and enthusiasm for a variety of jewellery types, including emerald cut engagement rings. Should you choose to partner with Hugo & Haan in the design of your custom emerald engagement ring, you will be able to have input at every stage of the design process, while also benefitting from the insight of our experts.

We’re happy to speak to any individual or couple with questions about our design process and how we help our clients to create beautifully personalised rings, including emerald engagement rings with the unique style they offer. If you wish to know more about the rare level of depth and detail provided by an emerald cut ring, we would be happy to discuss the benefits and unique characteristics with you.
The beauty of emerald cut diamond engagement rings and emerald cut halo engagement rings is in their rectangular shaped, deep facets and pristinely chiselled corners. These characteristics not only provide for a stunning ring design, they also allow emerald cut diamond rings to provide a flattering fit for the wearer, able to make fingers look long and slim. There really are few options more striking than an emerald cut diamond.
As well as providing a selection of stunning design options to our clients, we also provide warm and dedicated customer care that keeps you updated at every stage of your emerald cut engagement ring process. Having worked with clients in London, China, Singapore and many other locations, we have developed a reputation for highly personable customer service that makes every client feel valued. This has always been a key part of our service, stemming from a genuine care for clients and the design choices they make.

Our ability to find many of the best custom engagement ring styles in the world comes from a genuine enthusiasm for high-quality jewellery. If we recommend an emerald cut diamond engagement ring as part of our range, it’s because we love it as an option and are excited to share it with our clients. We’ve seen our emerald cut engagement ring selection become an integral part of many engagements for our clients.
We love discussing how each client’s design process may work, so feel free to get in touch with us today by phone, email, web form or social media to let us know exactly what you’re looking for. All of these details are available in our website Contact section, with the Hugo & Haan team happy to talk over our range of emerald cut engagement ring possibilities and how they could feature in your engagement journey.