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Diamond Engagement Rings in London

For anyone considering getting engaged, it is undoubtedly an exciting and meaningful decision that involves a great deal of thought. While there are many considerations involved in such an event, one of the major factors is in choosing the perfect ring for the occasions.
Wherever you find yourself in the world, a diamond engagement ring is an enduringly popular and beloved option, and this is certainly the case in London and across the UK. For anyone seeking a diamond engagement ring in London, there are a range of prestigious and high-quality options, from the major worldwide names through to the smaller independent jeweller.
Here at Hugo & Haan, we have a real passion for helping our clients find the ideal engagement ring option for their big proposal, which is what prompted us to establish ourselves as a designer of custom engagement rings. We are always happy to inform our clients around the world of the benefits of looking for diamond engagement rings in London, a historic city with a wealth of excellent jewellers.
Where do I find diamond engagement rings in London?
There are a range of different settings that offer fine jewellery purveyors in London, ranging from celebrated jewellery quarters such as Hatton Garden, full of independent sellers, through to the famous brand names in various points on major high streets.
While there are many fine options across London, we believe that here at Hugo & Haan we offer some of the finest diamond engagement rings in London. From our base in the Covent Garden area, we welcome many individuals and couples looking to design their perfect custom engagement ring, one that reflects impeccable style and a personalised touch that is specific to them.
While we are based in London, a city that we love and have made the home of our jewellery services, we can also offer in-person appointments across the UK and many parts of Europe. Additionally, if you are based further afield, we can offer engagement ring consultations by phone, email, Skype or whatever else fits your needs.
How much do diamond engagement rings in London cost?
This is a difficult question to answer, as the price spectrum for diamond engagement rings in London can vary as much as in any other location. Many people assume that selection a jewellery provider in a city as prestigious as London would lead to paying higher prices, but this does not have to be the case.
There are a wide range of engagement ring providers across London catering to a range of different price points and design needs. Here at Hugo & Haan, our range of diamond engagement rings in London are carefully selected to offer the kind of lasting quality that makes your custom ring a purchase that will be valued for a lifetime.
Each of our custom engagement rings has a different starting price point, so you are welcome to explore our site and find an option that suits your design tastes and budget. We can offer the opportunity to partner with our team of expert designers to find a diamond engagement ring that is perfectly personalised to you and your partner.
How do I contact a diamond engagement ring expert in London?
There are a variety of ways to get in touch with your selected diamond engagement ring provider in London, whether you want to drop by in-person (be aware that some places may require making an appointment) or make contact by phone or email.
The team at Hugo & Haan make it our aim to give our clients as many ways as possible to get in touch with us and find a time to share some ideas on their custom engagement ring journey and possibilities. Whether you want to visit our store, ask questions over the phone, send us an email or fill out our web contact form; the possibilities are endless!
As a forward-thinking company, we also welcome you contacting us through any of our social platforms, while as we previously mentioned, we also offer in-person appointments across Europe wherever possible. We love connecting with our clients and would be more than happy to help you find your ideal engagement ring choice.

We hope that this short guide on diamond engagement rings in London has been helpful in giving you a few insights into the available options across the city, as well as the fine option that we believe is on offer here at Hugo & Haan. We’d be delighted to speak to you about this in more detail, so get in touch if you want to know more.