Custom Engagement Rings London

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Why go for custom engagement rings in London?
Wearing a ring, or seeing your partner wear a ring, which was made specifically for them and not available anywhere else in the world, is a precious feeling. It offers the kind of luxury and personalised meaning that bringing a beautiful touch to any engagement, which is exactly what you get with custom engagement rings in London. 
Many jewellery providers across London offer custom engagement rings that give you beautifully creative ideas at prices that make them an investment of lasting quality. Here at Hugo & Haan, our custom engagement rings in London can make for a treasured piece, one that adds a huge amount of meaning to an engagement and makes all of the creation process well worth the effort. When you partner with our custom engagement ring designer Emi, you get a voice throughout the process and a finished ring that is truly made just for you.

Where do you start?
Three key factors to consider as you start designing your custom engagement ring in London are; style, budget, and size. Having a clear idea of how much you want to spend on your ring helps streamline your choices and help you find the right option. There is no set budget or style for our custom engagement rings London options here at Hugo & Haan, simply speak to us about our range of design services and how we can guide your ring design. 
When selecting a custom engagement ring for your partner, consider their style, the kind of jewellery they own, particularly enjoy and/or have always dreamed of. This gives you an idea of what to go for within your ideal budget. Whether you are looking for an option that is ornate, vintage, simple or modern, here at Hugo & Haan our options for custom engagement rings in London give you real control over your design process.
For more information, get in touch with our team by phone, email, social platforms or at our store in the Convent Garden area, allowing you to fulfil your custom engagement rings London needs and find the ideal fit for your partner.