Bespoke Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

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Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

With increasing popularity in recent years due to their softly rounded edges and impressively sized facets, cushion cut diamond engagement rings can provide a stunning design option. Here at Hugo & Haan, our range of cushion cut engagement rings can be customised to fit your exact design needs, providing a beautifully personalised touch.
One of the most notable features of a cushion cut diamond ring is its ability to sparkle from a variety of angles, giving you a truly eye-catching piece. Having provided custom engagement ring design to many clients in London, across the UK and overseas, we are ideally placed to be able to help you find the exact design fit you require.

Our desire to combine sophisticated design tastes with authentic care for each and every client allows us to help you enjoy every step of your ring design process. We’ll provide expert insight into our cushion cut diamond engagement ring options, while allowing you to have full input into how you want you ring to look.
We understand that choosing an engagement ring is a highly meaningful and personal process, so we’re happy to provide as much or as little design advice as you require for you cushion or halo cut engagement ring. Having put a great deal of thought into all of the cushion cut diamond rings that we stock, you can have total peace of mind that the jewellery piece you select will offer lasting quality.
There are many different design styles and materials that you can utilise to achieve your vision for the perfect cushion cut diamond ring for you and your partner. We love being a part of so many engagement journeys and providing a personalised ring which can become a hugely memorable and joyful part of the process.

Having developed our brand over the past few years, the team at Hugo & Haan has had the pleasure of working with clients around the world, from London to Singapore and many places in between. This has allowed us an appreciation of jewellery tastes and options across the world, offering you a wealth of options for your cushion cut engagement rings.
We are fast becoming one of the leading engagement ring providers for clients in London and beyond, owing in large part to our genuine enthusiasm for quality jewellery and the consistently helpful customer service we provide. We would be more than happy to speak to you in more detail about the cushion cut diamond engagement rings we can provide and how you can take advantage of our expert design options to achieve a truly unique result.

To speak to us about all of our cushion cut and halo cut diamond ring choices, you can get in touch with the team at Hugo & Haan by phone, email, web form or our social media platforms, with all of these available through our Contact section. We’d love to discuss our range of cushion cut ring options with you further and let you know a little more about our design process to help inform you as you decide on your perfect engagement ring.