How to buy a yellow diamond engagement ring - Colour guide


How to buy a yellow diamond engagement ring


White diamonds will never go out of style but when it comes to yellow diamond engagement rings our hearts often skip a beat for the sheer beauty of them.

Before you dive into the world of yellow diamonds or yellow diamond engagement rings, here is a short guide for the basics of shopping for yellow diamonds.

Understanding the colour of yellow diamonds

All white diamonds are graded based on the absence of colour, usually using the GIA D to Z Diamond Grading System.


When it comes to these yellow beauties, it is exactly the opposite. The more colour you can see in the diamond or the more beautiful the yellow colour, the more expensive and exquisite that yellow diamond becomes.

Since we work with GIA certified yellow diamonds therefore you will find the following categories for the instensity and hue of the yellow diamonds based on the GIA Colored Diamond Grading System:

  • Faint

  • Very Light

  • Light

  • Fancy Light

  • Fancy

  • Fancy Intense

  • Fancy Dark

  • Fancy Deep

  • Fancy Vivid


The first three grades are not really used for yellow diamonds and the majority of gems used for our bespoke yellow diamond engagement rings are the grades Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow or Fancy Vivid Yellow.

In general the more colour the diamond has, the better however the hue of the colour plays a big role in the beauty and price of the stone as well. For this reason For example a yellow diamond that is extremely dark ( in the category of Fancy Dark ) will look less pleasant to the eye like Fancy Intense Yellow.


It is also not uncommon for the yellow diamonds to have a hue modifier. This means that the yellow colour has a a very small wash of different colour which is sometimes visible to the naked eye. This hue modifier will result in GIA colour grades such as Orangy Yellow or Greenish Yellow.


Can we help?

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