A gentleman's guide to engagement rings - Is buying a diamond engagement ring a joke in today's world?

The Ultimate Men's Guide To Engagement Rings 

Is buying a diamond engagement ring a joke?


Is the tradition of buying a diamond engagement ring an amazing tradition or
just irrelevant in today's world? 

Here are some reasons for both side - obviously as our company actually designs and manufactures bespoke engagement rings in London, let us account ourselves in the group that embraces this tradition but hey .. it's good to see both sides.

4 reasons why buying a diamond engagement ring can feel like total joke

"It's actually part of a very clever marketing campaign done by one of the biggest diamond companies in the world" - TRUE. 

It's the 1940s and DeBeers ( the biggest diamond mining company) is struggling to increase the sale of diamonds in the US market so they ask the clever chaps at Ayer (an advertising agency) to come up with a great plan to popularise diamonds on the market. And voila ... the campaign "Diamonds are forever" was born and it is probably still burned into the semi-consciousness of many men and women in the USA and Europe.  

"They are stupidly expensive" - IT DEPENDS.

It depends what you buy and how much you pay for it. But generally, yes. Diamond rings are a bigger financial commitment usually. However today you can buy diamond rings within a very wide price range depending where you go to purchase. We at Hugo & Haan believe that it's not about the size of the diamond - the design should be balanced as a whole and you will have a beautiful ring at your hand, no matter the price.

"Convincing men that their love for their future wife is directly proportional to the price of the diamond ring is just wrong" - ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

Your love and commitment doesn't depend on what she has on her finger. So go on - be merry and love each other forever whether she has a big old diamond sparkler on her finger or nothing at all. If she is marrying you for the size of the diamond ... run now and thank us later.

"So much money for such an itty bitty tiny thing .. why?!" - TRUE.

When people look at an expensive yacht, they have a better understanding why it's so expensive:  it has a helipad, a pool on the deck, it's nice and shiny and all that jazz... It's not the same for diamonds. They can all look the same with an outrageously different price tag. To avoid this, find a company that can clearly walk you through the details of why and how diamonds are priced and what influences this price.

4 reasons why buying a diamond engagement ring is totally worth it

"It's about what she wants" - TRUE.

If you do decide to buy her a diamond engagement ring because that's what she really wants, than it is the same way an act of kindness like lot of other things in a loving relationship. After all ... she will be wearing the ring every day for the rest of her life so it's better be something she absolutely loves. So if she gently indicates that her heart is set on a diamond engagement ring than find a design very similar to her preference within your budget and you are off to a good start (but please don't make the mistake of buying a ring that will cause you financial strain in the long run - be sensible, buy a style she likes within the budget that is right for you).

  • "Her face lights up every time she looks at it" - YES, WE SEE THIS ALL THE TIME.

However much you spent on the ring and whether it has a big diamond or not, this ring will forever be connected to you and your moments together. Hence becoming very quickly her most treasured piece of jewellery due to that sentimental value. All of our brides - including myself - are very attached to their engagement rings emotionally. It might be just a material thing, but it's an important item on an emotional level.

"It makes me proud as well" - TRUE.

This is again something we always see with our clients who are designing and creating a bespoke engagement ring for their partner as a surprise. It makes them so proud that they dedicated the time and effort to research and design the perfect engagement ring for her.  Choosing the right style, the specific diamond and adding personal elements to the ring is a memorable journey for any man as well.

"Diamonds are really hard" - TRUE.

To finish off on a very practical level: diamonds are a very hard material that is well suited for rings that will be worn every day. Yes, they can chip and break (unfortunately they are not indestructible) but out of all gemstones this is one of the few that takes best the wear and tear of everyday life. So it is something that can bring her joy for a very long time on a day-to-day basis.

+1 good reason: "They are just so sparkly" - HELL YEAH.

Excuse us for adding a cheeky last reason but we had to ... being a bespoke jewellery design company and all. A well cut and polished diamond no matter if it's 0.30 ct diamond or a 10 ct one is a joy to look at with all the colours and fire playing inside the diamond. Only very few gems can bring this kind of sparkle to the table and paired with the right design, it can become a ring that delights not just now but years down the line as well.


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