White Gold


White Gold

While white gold is not as hard as platinum, it still is one of the metals that offer great value and durability. Many people like it because it showcases elegance, style and it also works with many gemstones and diamonds. But what is white gold and what makes it distinct in the first place?

Usually, the white gold has this color because it has a specific combination of alloys. It can either be combined with copper and zinc or it can have silver and palladium. If it's 18 kt, it still has 75% pure gold, with the remaining 25% being a combination of the alloys. Keep in mind that the gold value remains the same all the time, it’s the alloys that differ and that’s why it’s called white gold and not any other way. Some of the white gold engagement rings have a high amount of palladium at times and these are very powerful.

There are many white gold options that are rhodium coated. This will always help enhance the effect of white gold, offering it a great shine and an impressive set of visuals that you can rarely find anywhere else.

You can see quite a lot of reasons why white gold can be a very good idea. It has a great price which makes it very accessible and at the same time. On top of that, it works seamlessly with most diamond types.

The only catch you have to deal with if you choose a white gold ring is that unlike platinum based ones, this particular model will require rhodium plating regularly. It doesn’t sound like much at first, but it can be troublesome for people that just want to purchase a good ring and stop caring about it completely.

It really brings in front a unique, timeless and visually astonishing experience that just impresses you anywhere you go.