Tips for finding the perfect finger size


Tips to find the perfect ring size

  • Your ring should fit your finger comfortably, not too tight but not loose enough to slide over the knuckle.
  • Finger sizes can change quite a bit during the day and weather as well. Measure your finger at the end of the day and when your body is warm (your fingers will measure smaller when they are cold)
  • Rings that are wider than 6-7 mm usually require you to size up a little from your normal finger size.
  • Most rings can be resized easily with a few exceptions such as full eternity rings and rings that contain a delicate gemstone to be unset for resizing.
  • For engagement rings and wedding bands, it is best if you check your finger size at multiple times of the day to have an accurate understanding of your size.

Finding his or her finger size

  • Try asking around from friends and relatives to see if they know his or her finger size.
  • Borrow one of the rings from the correct finger and measure it yourself or take it to us and we will measure it for you.
  • Request a free plastic ring sizer from us. Just send us a message at
  • Have him or her try on rings pretending to be buying for someone else. 
  • Ask him or her during a casual conversation. They might already know their own size. 
  • Make sure the ring can be resized later if its not the perfect fit.

Interesting ring size facts to consider

  • Our dominant hand is almost always bigger so the same finger on the right or left hand will probably have a different ring size
  • The most common ladies’ ring size is US size 6/6.5 or UK size L/M
  • The most common men’s ring size is US size 9.5/10 or UK size T
  • The wider the ring, the tighter the fit. So as soon as we start looking at rings of 6mm or wider, you will need to start considering sizing up.