Platinum vs Gold

Platinum vs Gold

If you want to compare two precious metals, then the ones you will focus on will surely be gold and platinum. But which one is the best here and how can you get the best value? Here are a few criteria that you should focus on when you choose the precious metal for a ring or any other jewelry type.


Platinum has a hypoallergenic status and it also has a silvery white look that makes it unique and distinct. On top of that, it’s widely sought after for its great appearance as well. White gold has a similar appearance to platinum albeit it can be less expensive. Lastly, yellow gold manages to offer a rich hue and a great visual appeal that makes it unique and distinct.


The durability here will differ as well. Platinum, for example, requires just a little maintenance. It has great corrosion resistance and it won’t tarnish. Gold is malleable and it has to be re-plated sometimes, at least in the case of white gold. 


Platinum is the most expensive out there in the metal world but on the other hand, it does offer you great benefits like stunning visuals and great durability. White gold is less expensive but it does need more maintenance, so there’s that. You will like the fact that rose gold is very affordable and it does have a similar price point to all other gold types, so it’s basically a matter of choice. Same goes for yellow gold which is very good as a purchase for those that want quality metals for their rings.

How to choose the best metal for you?

As you can see, the main criteria would be durability. Some want durability more than focusing on a price and if you want durability then platinum is the right option. On the other hand, white , rose and yellow gold can also bring in front a very good value and that’s what makes things distinct in the end. This on its own makes a massive difference and you should totally keep that in mind.

Price-wise platinum might be the most expensive out there but it does have plenty of interesting benefits. It looks great, offers a very good durability and the value you get from it is extraordinary. If you want a very good metal for your ring, then any of these will do nicely. Check your budget and make sure that you will focus on results as this will bring in the best experience. Keep that in mind and rest assured that it will be worth it!