A gentleman's guide to buying an engagement ring

A gentleman's guide to buying an engagement ring


Apart from your first home or car, an engagement ring can be one of the biggest purchases of your life. But you might feel completely lost and overwhelmed even before you start looking for the perfect ring. This guide will help you nail it like a pro.

Step 1: Decide on a budget

Before you start looking around for a ring, deciding on a budget is important because you can avoid uncomfortable situations if you are realistic about what you can afford. But the outdated three month's salary rule is mostly unrealistic and old fashioned so you can throw that into the wind. Be smart about your financials and decide on a budget that makes sense in your situation. 

Step 2: Plan ahead

Plan accordingly. Depending on the jeweller you choose to work with, some rings you can buy off the shelf and are ready to go however others might take 6-8 weeks to complete. Heading off to a holiday in the Maldives in 2 days and you want to propose there? Then it's better to choose a ring you can buy in a retail store. Want to add a personal touch to the ring and choose your own diamond? Then plan the proposal to be flexible around the completion date of a custom made ring.

Step 3: Find her style

Take a look at what she's wearing and think about her lifestyle, job and discuss this with the jeweller you choose to work with as they will be able to guide you in this area. Pay attention as she might be already "dropping hints" when you are passing jewellery stores together. You can also ask for advice from her closest friend to get some insight into her preferences. If all else fails, you can also decide to get here involved in the process of selecting the ring.

Step 4: Choose a gemstone

The most classic engagement rings feature a white diamond, but maybe your girlfriend would like to have something a bit different. We can give you this advice: the majority of engagement rings are chosen with a white diamond, closely followed by blue sapphires, therefore they are quite a safe bet. They are also gemstone colours that she can easily incorporate into her wardrobe. But if you think she would absolutely love a certain colour, then go for it! Just make sure ( by asking your jeweller ) that you chosen gemstone is suitable for a ring that can be worn every day.

Step 5: Choose a metal

The main choices for metals to use in her ring are platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Platinum and white gold look very similar but platinum is more durable and has a slightly higher price point. To determine what colour she likes, just have a look at what she is wearing on her hands now. All of her rings are yellow gold? Then its safe to assume that this metal colour compliments her skin tone as well. Platinum and white gold are the most popular choices and suit most skin colours if you are undecided on the metal.


Step 6: Find her ring size

Finding out her ring size without asking can seem impossible but we assure you it's not. The most common woman's size is around a US size 6 or a UK size M or an inner diameter of 16.50mm. You can also take one of her rings that she wears on the correct finger to your jeweller and ask them to measure it. Also, most rings can be resized in future so as long as you have a good approximation of her size, it should be fine to resize it if the fit is not perfect.

Step 7: Add a personal touch

Whether you decide to go with a subtle engraving or design the ring yourself from top to bottom, it's always nice to add something personal to the ring. This way, it will tell a story - your story. 

Step 8: Protect your investment

Don't forget to insure the ring, especially if you are planning a proposal abroad or in an exotic country. Just contact your insurance company to see what fits your need the best.