A gentleman's guide to buying jewellery as a gift

A gentleman's guide to buying jewellery as a gift


If you can choose a gift that takes your partner's breath away, then you are already ahead of the game. Here is our guide to help you pick a jewel that he or she will never forget.

Observe what she wears 

Have a look at what she wears at the moment. She won't wear even the most gorgeous ring if it doesn't go with what she already has. For example consider her style: if she usually wears small and dainty jewellery, then avoid choosing a style that is bold and loud and vica versa. Also the jewellery she wears can also determine if she prefers white or yellow gold jewellery.

Plan the occasion 

Be creative and give the gift in a way she will remember. Maybe consider adding a beautiful bouquet to go with it or take her to the place where you had your first date together. 

Fail-safe purchases 

Try to stay within the style that is similar in aesthetics to what she likes to wear but it's still different from what she already owns. If all else fails, a pair of diamond or gemstones earrings, a pearl earring or a birthstone necklace is usually a safe choice.  


Make it personal 

Even a small engraving can take your gift to the next level and show her that you took the time and effort to put meaningful thoughts into your purchase. There are endless ways to personalise a piece from engraving to choosing to use her birthstone or incorporating elements that have meaning for the two of you.

Rings ...  Tread carefully.

It's not a hard and fast rule of course but rings - even the ones without diamonds - are considered a sign of serious commitment in a relationship. If you would like to avoid inducing images of wedding bells and such, maybe a bracelet or earring would be a safer bet. However if you are married or in a serious relationship rings are the most popular choice as gifts. Just be sure to find out her finger size.