5 Times You Shouldn't Be Wearing Your Rings

5 times you should not be wearing your rings


Keep those diamonds and gemstones bright, clean and safe. Here is where to avoid wearing your fine jewellery.

At the beach

Yup, there are couple of reasons for this. Even though may want to look like Liz Taylor  (sporting a hefty ruby and diamond necklace while in the pool), it is better to leave your bling safe and far from the beach. The first reason is that if you actually lose the ring or jewellery it's next to impossible to find it in the sand or in the water. The other reason is that actually sand can wedge itself under your gemstone and around the setting. And for sure you do not want to apply sunscreen with your rings on as it will instantly cloud your stones and it's not easy to remove afterwards.

To the gym

Wearing your ring for a light jog in the park is obviously usually safe, but its easier to leave your pieces at home for anything heavier than that. Lifting weights for example can really take a toll on your rings as the pressure from the bar might bend your ring or cause the smaller stones to fall out due to the damage that the weight causes. As for contact sports or extreme sports, you are risking serious injury like ring avulsion if you choose to keep your rings on.

In the shower

The beauty products used in the shower (like soap, shampoo, conditioner etc.) can cause a cloudy buildup under your stone which are much harder to remove. This makes your ring loose its sparkle so much faster. This applies also to your post-shower body lotion and hair serum as well.


In a pool or hot tub

Here it's the chemicals like chlorine, that can cause serious damage to your favourite ring. After time, they can damage the metals as well as your gemstones. 

During cleaning

Bleach and most chemicals used in any household will erode the finish of your ring and they could compeletely ruin your gemstone especially if you have coloured gemstones in your setting.