Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds- An overview

Although most of the coloured diamonds are in high demand, the yellow ones are by far the most widely sought after.

These are a coloured diamond variety and these are usually found at the bottom of the colourless diamond grading scale.

These stones are 100% real and the reason why they have such a colour is due to the compound element that can be found inside the stone. The more nitrogen can be found in the mix, the more yellow the diamond will be.


How are these yellow diamonds born?

These are created over millions of years in the mantel of the earth. The yellow colour is the result of the presence nitrogen in the structure of the diamond. All diamonds, including these ones, are formed in the earth under a lot of pressure.


You can find plenty of nicknames and official names for the yellow diamonds, these range from the Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow Diamond to the Canary Yellow, Zimmy, Canary and many others. For example, the Zimmy nickname comes from a Sierra Leone mine with the same name where many of these diamonds are extracted and processed.


Where do they come from?

As we stated earlier, diamonds come from the core of our planet and they can also be found in various mines all over the world. Some of the main countries with a large number of yellow diamonds include Australia, South Africa, Canada and Russia.

Rarity and pricing

Only 0.0001% of all diamonds are coloured and the yellow diamonds are the most widely encountered here. These are the least expensive coloured diamonds on the market and despite being quite rare, if they have a light yellow colour they will be even less expensive than a colourless diamond with a similar quality.

Thankfully, these are the cheapest colourful diamonds on the market and while they can surpass the price per carat of white diamonds at the high-intensity grades, these can still be less expensive when compared to red or green diamonds.

Should you pick yellow or colourless diamonds?

This does depend on your budget and preferences. Most of the time people will opt for the colourless ones because they are less expensive. However, if you do want to get a colourful diamond then yellow is the most accessible and refined colour you can get, so you should definitely consider it!

In the end, yellow diamonds are some of the most accessible types of coloured diamonds on the market. If you do want to showcase a pop of colour in your ring or earring then you will definitely find these a very good investment.