How is a ring made?

How is a ring made?

The craftsmanship of actually working with diamonds, precious gemstones and precious metals is nothing short of impressive.

This really shows the massive amount of work that is put into this and the amazing quality you will obtain in the end. With that in mind, here are the steps that go into the creation of a simple diamond ring.


Every jewellery designer knows that a great design can either make or break the quality and beauty of your piece which is why a lot of time is spent on this particular phase of creating your bespoke designs. We will guide you through the creation process from the first ideas to more particular details like your gemstone choice, metal and design specifications. Based on our conversations we will be able to source the perfect gemstone and design a personalised piece for you.

The manufacturing process

A wax of our 3D designs will be printed from your files shortly after you have agreed to the final design of your ring or piece of jewellery.



The casting process is also important because it’s expensive and time-consuming. The wax piece will be embedded on a casting tree, and then the metal will be poured into the negative space. Wax will melt during the process and it will open a channel that will enable the metal to flow. This will basically create the shape your ring in your metal of choice. The entire process might take some time to complete and it does require complete accuracy. However, it can be very well worth it since it’s the backbone of the entire ring creation process.


Once we have your ring cast, the mounters will assemble, solder and finish the pieces of your ring to make it ready for setting and polishing.


Setting diamonds and the other stones is usually to most time-consuming part of the process after the design phase. You have to do it slowly and accurately and this can take quite a lot of time in order to do so.


After this is done, final polishing will be necessary as some of the pieces can get dirty during the process. This is when the entire ring is seen with its utmost beauty and this is also the time when you will see it in its final shape.


This is optional, not all customers want it but there are situations when a craftsman needs to do such a thing. It’s important to note that such a process won’t take a lot of time, however, it does require precision.