What colours diamonds have?

What colours diamonds have?

Diamonds can be found in a variety of colors however the white and yellow diamonds are the most common colors found.

Often you will find the fact that most of them are designed with a very interesting, unique and refined set of visuals in mind. The best thing about colored diamonds is the fact that they are easily graded thanks to their color as that is the factor that drives the price in this field. But what color is more valuable than other?

In the world of diamonds you will always see that rarity will mean you have a lot of value on your hands. When you enter the world of colored diamonds you will see that the rarest ones are the red, green, blue and pink. Even a small color difference can have a massive impact on the overall price of the diamond.

Blue diamonds

These are formed when boron atoms are found near the diamond and the more atoms there are the more intense the color will be. These diamonds are known to offer purity and a sense of calm and purpose. You can share them if you have faith in your relationship.

Brown diamonds

These are caused by some parallel grain lines that can be found inside the diamond. They have a meaning of tradition, harmony and elegance which is what makes them a great gift for every woman.

Green diamonds

All green diamonds vary in intensity and color. However, they are formed due to radiation and they can sometimes have hydrogen inside the stone. They bring a meaning of faiths and healthiness in the relationship.

Orange diamonds

Color variations can be found here as well. These diamonds are created due to the nitrogen presence but they can also be caused by regular structural deformities that can appear at times in the entire structure of the diamond. They have a meaning of success and self-respect.

Purple diamonds

These diamonds have such a colour due to the presence of hydrogen and the grain formation that appears internally. These are said to showcase a great inner strength and they also showcase self-knowledge, awareness and guidance.

Red diamonds

Most red diamonds are created due to a distortion or slipping that appears in the atomic lattice. The symbol they bring is love, intensity and a lifetime of passion. These also bolster self-awareness and energy.



Black diamonds

The main reason behind their colour is the large number of graphite inclusions. But when it comes to meaning, these diamonds are all about reconciliation and strength in the power of your relationships.

Yellow diamonds

The yellow diamond colour is caused by the large amount of nitrogen that can be found in the crystal structure. Most of the time this will be replaced with carbon atoms and the intensity will vary based on that. These diamonds boost creativity and clarity, they are also known to show that you make good decisions.