How to design your own engagement ring

How to design your own engagement ring


Some couples or brides choose to design their own engagement ring because (if you think about it) it's something you will wear every single day so it should be something that truly reflects your personality. Here are our top tips to nail it like a pro.

Start early

Some rings can take from a couple of weeks but again others can take months to create. Be sure to have enough time to savour this amazing journey without rushing for deadline. 

Have inspirational images on hand

Pinterest and Instagram are your best buddies here. Maybe you like the setting on this ring but prefer the diamond shape of yet another ring. Be sure to show this to your designer so he or she can guide you through the design process with these in mind. When your creating your very own engagement ring design, the more inspiration the better! 


We always recommend asking your questions even if they seem far fetched or very simple. A trusted designer will be able to answer and address any concern you might have regarding your future ring. The relationship with the company you choose is just as important as the end product. 

Don't forget the wedding band

It can save you a lot of time and money if you design the wedding band at the same time as your engagement ring. Not only will this ensure that they fit seamlessly together but it can also save you time and cash if you order them together. 

Fall in love with your ring

Once you have the final visuals of how your ring will look like and you confirmed the details, there is only the bitter-sweet wait to have your dream ring on your finger. It might seem like a drag until you finally receive it but the gorgeous sparkler ring in the end will tell a story - your story.