Why Bespoke?

If you’d like to have a piece of jewellery that really means something to you or someone special to you, a bespoke piece from Hugo & Haan is the clear choice. Much more significant than ready-made jewellery, a custom piece always comes with a story — your story. It is an extension of the wearer’s own personal style, a completely unique creation.

Exquisite Collaboration

The wonderful thing about commissioning bespoke jewellery from Hugo & Haan is that you have complete control over your piece, yet you are never alone in making the decisions surrounding it. Our goldsmiths and gemologists advise you throughout the entire process to create exactly what you have in mind — even if you’re not quite sure what that is at first.

Impeccable Process

We will do everything we can to make consulting and purchasing as smooth as possible for you. Our atelier is based in London, but we travel across Europe frequently for in-person appointments. For clients who live outside of Europe or have special time constraints, we happily hold design consultations by phone, email, Skype or whatever suits your needs.