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With a classic goldsmiths training, passion for design and a global audience, Emi is the lady behind the bespoke fine jewellery brand Hugo & Haan.


About Emi

Her love for fine gemstones, diamonds, sophisticated design and heartfelt customer service are all apparent within her brand, as she aims to create the luxury of getting exactly what you want.

Emi established Hugo & Haan in 2015 after having worked as a designer for some of the finest luxury brands like Dinny Hall and Maxim Voznesenskiy in London. Meeting a growing demand in the fine jewellery industry, Hugo & Haan aims to offer a one-on-one service that fulfills the promise of a unique piece infused with your own thoughtful story.

Over the past years that the brand has developed, Emi has worked with a wide number of clients from all over the world from London through China to Singapore. Emi’s true passion for jewellery design was initially her recognisable trait, yet her defining characteristic would be her enthusiasm and the drive to find the best solutions for every client request.